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About China Knot

China Knot is an established consultancy agency that specialises in connecting Western businesses to the Chinese market as well as providing practical and strategic advice for businesses operating in China who are looking to expand into new international markets in Europe.

Launched in 2013, China Knot works with companies across Europe and Asia who are outgrowing their domestic markets and are looking for foreign investment across the globe.

Using a wealth of industry experience as well as an extensive and exclusive business network, China Knot offers company directors, global executives and private individuals strategic consultancy services in a wide range of areas including business development, sales and market-entry strategy, executive cultural immersion, local compliance, media relations, and local market analysis.

Founded by Shirley Tan, named in 2008 as one of China’s top 50 business women, China Knot has grown its enterprise to include continental headquarters in both Europe and Asia. With on-the-ground teams at its London and Shanghai bases, China Knot provides extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of local and regional market trends as well as native cultural insight into China.

From luxury goods companies looking to expand distribution channels in China’s top tier cities to trading entrepreneurs seeking international customs and excise advice, China Knot provides sound, trusted and customised support from strategy to implementation for sustainable and long-term business success.

China Knot understands the nuances of the Chinese market and the intricacies of China’s complex consumer markets, offering brand owners and managers a unique source of intelligence combined with creative business solutions that generate real and tangible client value. China Knot advises international industry and service companies, luxury goods manufacturers, domestic trade bodies as well as private investors and entrepreneurial start-ups.

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