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"The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows" - Aristotle Onassis

At China Knot, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a unique source of business intelligence and market insight when expanding their operations internationally.

Whether companies are looking to expand into China from the West or from China into Europe, China Knot helps bridge the gap between international and local markets, complex cultural ideologies and diverse corporate politics.

China Knot provides an exclusive and discrete consultancy service, encompassing cross-cultural communication, company formation, marketing strategy, brand management and media relations.

China Knot works closely with each of our clients, dedicating our approach to creating tailored strategies and bespoke solutions to help businesses grow and develop in a sustainable way.

China Knot values integrity, professionalism, experience and reliability.

China Knot's ethos is focused on providing a consistent and supportive service to its clients, helping them build international businesses that have real long-term value.

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